Generating business online for law firms – Design

If you are looking to generate business online then the design of your website is absolutely critical. This may seem obvious, but so many people get it wrong by over analysing look and feel and forgetting about the main purpose of the website; to generate business!

The number one principle of web usability is ‘don’t make me think’, coined from Steve Krug’s book of the same name, and this has to be applied rigourously to the first template design for your site. Unfortunately you have to think and what you have to think about is what you want your users to do while they are on your site.

Typically, for smaller law firmsĀ  this will be getting visitors to call, or email to enquire about services and what does a visitor need to do this? He needs clear and straightforward access to your phone number, email address and an online enquiry form on every page.

So, before thinking about your logo, images, fonts etc think put down phone number and email address on every page as your number one design priority. Check out a couple of our sites to see what we mean –

Beltrami & Company


These sites are very basic and straightforward, but in all the critical place the visitor is clearly directed to get in touch.


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Good news for Austin Lafferty

Austin Lafferty, whose firm of solicitors in Glasgow and East Kilbride is a customer of Moore Legal, has been elected Vice President of the Law Society of Scotland. For more on this and all of Austin Lafferty’s news check out his blog at:

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Another new site live

Breaking from our usual mode of doing work exclusively for law firms, or those involved in the legal sector, we have created a new site for Glasgow Financial Advisers Warde Graham.

I’m a bit uncertain about the design but the proof in the pudding is going to be determined by how many enquiries they begin to generate. Currently they are nowhere for the keyphrase of Glasgow Financial Advisors so we will see what the initial optimisation achieves for them, in conjunction with some onpage optimisation.

Know primarily for their sterling work in pension performance, Warde Graham offer a full range of financial services from their office, which is conveniently located close to Buchanan Street subway, Queen street station and Central station. You can find out more about their services at:

This evening we are going to submit the url to a number of directories to give the website an initial boost.

For more on legal website design visit Moore Legal Technology.

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Generating business online for law firms

We have been doing lots of work here generating business for law firms and our experience indicates that there are a number of issues to be raised with any business seeking to get quick results.

We will cover all of these over the next few weeks, but here is our list to be tackled in order.

1. Your Domain
Content built on new domains takes longer to work its way up the rankings so, in our experience, an older non keyword rich domain will work better than a brand new keyword rich domain. If you have a domain which combines age and keywords then, truly, you must use it.

The above must be read in the context of the market in which you are operating.

One of our more recent sites McSporrans – Criminal Defence Lawyers in Edinburgh is already performing well in local listings and search rankings in spite of the fact that the domain is very new.

Beltrami and Company, despite being one of Glasgow’s best known legal names, is slowly but surely beginning to appear in local listings as a leading firm of Glasgow Criminal Lawyers. This site is extremely new and we are going to have to work hard on content, links and on page SEO to ensure that it delivers on the new business promises we make.

Interestingly we have also been doing some work for Austin Lafferty Solicitors & Estate Agents in Glasgow & East Kilbride. Their domain was over 10 years old and with some on page optimisation only their site is beginning to rank really well for fairly competitive key phrases.

So, the message is, if you have an old domain – use it.

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Family Law Liverpool

We’ve signed an agreement with a family law firm in Liverpool to service all enquiries generated by Family Law Liverpool. Now we have to further enhance onpage optimisation together with the offpage elements which need a bit of work.

We’re hoping this is going to be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

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Work vs Blog

We go through short bursts of activity on the blog, but work always comes first. Is this the right approach?

This month we have been working with Austin Lafferty to turn a stalled web project around. I’m pleased to say that we managed to meet out targets and their new site is now live and operational within the one month timescale we agreed.

Andrew, solicitor advocate and senior partner at McSporrans has been receiving new enquiries via even though the site is only one month old. With a brand new domain, brand new content and no online history we thought it would be an uphill struggle, but we’re link building carefully, creating PR and articles and his site is creeping up the rankings for key terms such as Legal Aid Lawyer Edinburgh.

This week we’re hoping to get a nice new site live for an established legal name in Glasgow and move Warde Graham from nearly live to live.

Does this leave time for blogging?

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Websites & Legal Aid

To what extent can an Edinburgh law firm delivering mainly legal aid based services hope to generate business online? Moore Legal Technology has taken on such a project for a small firm of Edinburgh solicitors and is absolutely convinced that in time the rewards reaped will be significant.

The traditional services offered by Legal Aid Lawyers in Edinburgh do not typically receive a significant amount of search volume and that is why it is important to combine shorter, more frequently searched for generic terms such as Edinburgh solicitor with longer tail key phrases relating to crime, road traffic offences, speeding, legal aid and criminal defence.

The domain itself is relatively new and that is going to slow the process up quite a bit but with work, effort and effective use of seo tool we should begin delivering results.

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